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Experience the magic of Telugu cinema's legacy at Navatihi Utsavam 2024!

Years of Telugu cinema

Experience the Magic of Navatihi Utsavam 2024

As you step into Navatihi Utsavam 2024, immerse yourself in a world where every frame tells a story, every melody stirs the soul, and every performance leaves an indelible mark.

This jubilant celebration, presented by Maa in association with Tourism Malaysia, honors 90 glorious years of Telugu cinema with an unforgettable lineup of stars, screenings, and special events​

Dive into the Heart of Telugu Cinema's Historic Milestone!

Witness the Brilliance of Tollywood Unfold Before Your Eyes!

Experience the Magic of 90 Years of Telugu Cinematic Excellence!

What's in for the Partners?

Largest ever celebration of cinema in the world

Top 50+ Super stars of india on One Stage.

Largest Reach digital for a single celebration (500M+)

100+ Star performances as part of Gala Events

3-4 Months of Lead-up Activities & Events across the globe

Extensive Media Coverage & Outdoor marketing

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